RydePass is a people's company with a local mission: Building community one Ryde at a time! See below for a few reasons why you should consider joining us today

Why Join Now?

  • Rydepass promotes real-time and scheduled ridesharing as a way to better utilize the empty seats in most passenger cars, thus lowering fuel usage and transportation costs.
  • Rydepass serve mainly areas not covered by public transit systems.
  • Rydepass- share will match riders with drivers already heading along similar routes during the morning and evening rush hours.
  • Rydepass provides a platform for human interaction. Build community by chatting with your driver. Feel free to share about your day and what's on your mind!
  • Rydepass establishes trust and accountability between drivers and passengers in our community
  • The Rydepass community is for everyone
  • At Rydepass, we promise not compromise your comfort, reliability and affordability
  • Our impeccable customer support. At Rydepass, you are our priority. We'll do everything to make you feel safe and comfortable
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