Our Partners

Rydepass uses a collaborative approach working with the communities that it serves. Unlike our competitors, we work hand in hand with these communities to know their exact needs so that we can better serve them. Some of the relationships we’ve secured include the following:

University of Wisconsin Whitewater Sustainability department

The UW Whitewater sustainability department recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability in our changing world and is working in several ways to adopt these principles and provide these to students. Part of this endeavor is to reduce the number of cars on campus. We are happy to have partnered with the sustainability department to help achieve this goal.

UW Whitewater Police department

The UW Whitewater police department takes student safety very seriously. We have worked with the police department to develop a good vetting process for our drivers so that safety is never a question.

Whitewater and Fort Atkinson Areas chamber of commerce

We have created very strategic relationships with local area chambers of commerce. Through these relationships, we are able to connect with key stakeholders, understand better the struggles of the citizens in the communities we serve and work on ways to solve them.

Center of students with disabilities

We work with departments such as the centers of students with disabilities to cater for every students’ needs. We’ve added an option on our platform called Wheelbuddy (wheel chair accessible vehicles) for students with special needs.

UW Whitewater Launch Pad

We are so proud to be selected to participate as part of the launch pad program at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater-a prestigious program that assists young companies scale and take off rapidly.