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To send us an email, please select from one category below. Please do not send multiple emails for the same question. Pick the category that best describes the issue you are contacting us about.
1. General issues
    a. Please specify
2. Lost Items
    a. Forgotten items on ride
    b. Contacting driver
    c. Other?
3. Fare issues
    a. Understaning charge breakdown
    b. Extra charges
    c. Driver didn’t start/end ride correctly
    d. Other?
4. Vehicle feedback
    a. Vehicle was very dirty
    b. Different vehicle
    c. Other?
5. Receipts and payments
    a. Change my payment method
    b. I did not request this ride
    c. Driver started the trip before I got in the car
    d. Refund or adjustment status
    e. Refund inquiries
    f. Duplicate charge
    g. Other?
6. Promotions
    a. My promo code didn’t get applied
    b. My code expired
    c. My promo code shouldn’t have been applied.
7. Driver feedback
    a. Driver took longer route
    b. Driver was rude
    c. Different driver showed up
    d. Driver showed up in different car
    e. Driver is reckless
    f. Driver asked for different payment method
    g. Other?