Our Team

Patrice Achu: CEO/Founder

Patrice is the founder/CEO of Rydepass. A true believer in building community one ryde at a time! He has tremendous accounting experience including over 6 years with a big 4 accounting firm serving both Public and private Companies. His expertise includes working with a variety of clients including domestic based companies, as well subsidiaries of companies with multi-national and multi-location engagements reporting under US GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Patrice is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Whitewater with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. He is also an active Certified Public Accountant in Wisconsin and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants, (WICPA) and the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

Patrice likes to be actively involved in his community. He currently serves as a volunteer for: Junior Achievement, Young Entrepreneurial Scholars (YES) of Milwaukee, and as a "My Life My Plan" coach at underserved middle and high schools in Milwaukee. He's also very funny, likes comic TV shows and enjoys hanging out with friends and family. Contact Patrice directly at Patrice.achu@gmail.com for any additional questions you may have about him or Rydepass

Patrice Timchia: Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Patrice Timchia is a serial entrepreneur, who is passionate about improving the society through science and technology. He is a highly motivated individual with outstanding communication skills. Patrice has extensive experience in technology and research. He is the founder of an amazing design company called Pixinal, Inc . Patrice is the CTO and senior developer at Rydepass and a tremendous asset to the RydePass team.

When Patrice is not busy writing code, he spends his time hanging with friends and family, watching Blacklist and Silicon valley. Contact Patrice directly at patrice.edmond777@gmail.com for any additional questions you may have about his role or Rydepass.

Austin Kadulski: Director of operations

Austin is a native Wisconsinite with a passion of the Entrepreneurial ecosystem. He loves to challenge the status quo by working with innovative and disruptive companies. Austin has demonstrated himself as a leader through an extensive list of professional endeavors. Most recently, he worked as a Licensing Intern at CARD.com, a Los-Angeles based Fin Tech startup and the fastest growing mobile-first alternative to traditional branch banking. Within three months of joining the team, he was promoted to Manager of Business Development where he worked to identify and secure licensing partners. From there, his role evolved into one of process improvement for various systems within the company. Austin prides himself on being a lifelong learner who continually seeks to challenge himself by tackling difficult problem. His most noteworthy qualities are that of an effective speaker, skilled negotiator, a willing leader, a problem solver, and a diligent worker.

Sam Lepak: Marketing Manager

Sam is a UW Whitewater senior majoring in Marketing. From curating a YouTube channel of over 50k subscribers to working on startups (Hunt Butler, Intern Betas, YachtLife), he lives for marketing. Sam has provided consulting services to many businesses large (Bose, WheelsUp, Levi) and small (Scanalytics, Hooked Up Installs, Astro Insulation) and has gained hands-on experience in assisting startup development at gener8tor, a top-tier US tech accelerator.

Divine Achu: Public Relations Manager

Divine Achu is the Public Relation Officer at Rydepass. He is a strong believer in making everyday life as comfortable as possible. Divine is great at organizing and bringing people together for a common goal, he's well known for organizing events/ parties, and he values the outcome of each event and looks for ways to make it even better the next time. Divine is a people person, he loves hanging out with friends, making new ones and most importantly, keeping them.

Divine studied Automotive Technology at Blackhawk technical college in Janesville Wisconsin where he obtained an Associate degree. Divine is also a committed entrepreneur! He owns a shipping company specializing in shipping and selling products to Africa (Cameroon).

Divine is a true believer of Rydepass purpose of building the community one Ryde at a time. He believes that we can all make tomorrow better if we put our heads together, share ideas and learn from each other. If you have any other questions for Divine, you can contact him directly at bigdivine2003@yahoo.com. Together we can do great things.

Austin Beveridge: Director of Business Development

As a college student Austin has launched and led a startup company, he achieved a 3.96 GPA and worked to pay for over 80% of his collegiate education. He was the Treasurer and Social Chair of his fraternity and was the Chief Competitions Officer for the Collegiate Entreprenure Organization. Through his experiences, he has learned that success is achieved through team work and collaboration, by having an open environment where the sharing of ideas is common place and by those that cut across the status quo to see things differently. He has developed skills in market research, business model evaluation, data analytics, data visualization, public speaking, wireframe creation, excel, and digital and social media marketing, among other things. He is the Director of Business developement and Rydepass ambassador for University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.


Bernard Mulu: Director Of Operations

Bernard Mulu wants to live in a world where we are all connected in our endeavors; we enjoy the process and not just the final results. Mulu is a serial entreprenuer who has extensive experience in Health, Fitness and the technology field. He has been the spotlight at GoBliss Inc (A company that produces software for helping people get fit and stay fit), Rydepass LLC (Peer-2-peer Ridesharing platform for underserved college communities), and Demgo Inc (A platform that produces bulbs that can be customized to produce a mixture of any color(s)). When he’s not building masterpieces, you can find him reading, learning new things and spending time with family and friends.