What is a RydePass Student Ambassador?

Our Ambassadors are student leaders whose goal it is to build relationships with the stakeholders in their college communities. These stakeholders include the police department, the center for students with disabilities, the director of first year experience, the chamber of commerce, the local crisis center and the university administration board. We’ve already built these relationships on the college campuses around us and we strongly believe that you can too. Once Rydepass is given the approval to operate in your community we will send you all the necessary promotional materials to recruit drivers. We will also run targeted ads with our unique incentive program to encourage riders to sign-up in your area. After the first few drivers have signed up, we’ll handle the logistics and make sure that they have vehicle insurance and a valid license. Ambassadors start earning money and building community from the first ride. There are hundreds of other Rydepass users, join our community Today.

Why does Rydepass have a Student Ambassador program ?

At Rydepass we believe that all students should have the opportunity to gain real hands on experience growing a business, that’s why we have created the ambassador program. We realized early on in our collegiate careers that there were other like-minded entrepreneurs in college who wanted to start their own business, but didn’t have any ideas to get started. That’s why we decided to create the Rydepass student ambassador program, where we give you the idea, the platform and the tools you need to succeed. We empower students just like you to gain experience starting a business, while earning money immediately. Join the community of hundreds of other Rydepass users, Sign Up Today.

Responsibilities of a Rydepass Student Ambassador ?

  • 1) Develop relationships with the stakeholders in your community

  • 2) Distribute the promotional materials that we send to you, to other students

  • 3) Inspect the cars of the students who have signed up as drivers using the “Rydepass 21-

  • 4) Attend the Bi-weekly webinar meetings with the Rydepass team

  • 5) Earn money through our amazing incentive program for our ambassadors

  • 6) Have the time of your life in college, while learning how to grow and operate parts of your own business (we support you the entire time)