About US

We consider RydePass a people's company with a local mission: Building community one Ryde at a time! We strongly believe that innovation has no boundaries - the RydePass platform will be extended across the ocean to some of the most shielded out parts of Africa. With this goal, we believe that creativity will be crucial, however it's our overall approach that will give it the focus required to make it really work.

Though it might sound like a cliche, our success is about teamwork. And while it's easy to talk about internal teamwork (our whole team work in-house and in close proximity to one another), it's the teamwork we enjoy with our clients that adds something special to what we do every day.

At RydePass, it's not just about the work that we do for our customers and communities rather, it's about the relentless strive to provide exceptional experiences both to our clients and partners. We measure success in terms of how possible we can help our customers live better, easier, and happier lives. We hold a big place in our communities, that is why each and every day, we stand by what our company values most - honesty, hard work, and trust. Our partners together make the highest-performing teams, and work together to achieve a more economically connected community.

We look forward to working for you in delivering a high quality medium for our communities to connect with one another from place to place in a comfortable, reliable and affordable manner!