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Rydepass Advantages

  •   Safety
  •   Comfort
  •   Reliability
  •   Affordability
  •   Social Impact
  •   Pre Booked Rydes.
  •   Instant & Convenient Booking
  •   SMS verification
  •   In-App Navigation
  •   Mobile Dispatching
  •   Alarm Button
  •   Advanced Profile Accounts
  •   Rydepass Money Transfer
  •   Real-Time Tracking

Rydepass Key Features


Safety & Peace of Mind

We believe that parents should have peace of mind when their kids go off to colleges. We’ve partnered with universities, police departments and student organizations to make our ridesharing experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.


Social Impact

Rydepass serves law enforcement, crisis teams, student disability centers, non-profits and student organizations through prepayment, mileage gifting, social offerings and physical asset sharing. We allow drivers and ryders to donate miles to help people in need.


Pre-load Rydepass Dollars

Parents can pre-load their child's account at the start of the year to ensure that they will have access to a safe transportation. This reduces the likelihood of a student making an irresponsible decision or straying into an unsafe social situation just because they didn't want to spend their own money.


Ryde Later

We have simplified our users lives by allowing them to schedule rydes in advance. They simply select the "Ryde Later" option, specify a time and a destination. We take care of the rest, saving them time and a potential headache.


Track Transactions

Drivers can easily keep track of and analyze all their transactions, earnings information and the booking history of their rydes, directly from their driver app and from the website.


Ryder and Driver Reviews

Ryders and drivers can rate each other and provide feedback on their experience. We use this information to help improve the rydepass community.



Rydepass allows its users to promote their events on our platform, invite their guests and request rydes from their location to the event. We also allow them to specify coupons to reduce the total ryde cost for their attendees.


Social Login

Rydepass has simplified the login process by allowing its users to easily sign-in using one of their social media accounts. This means no more usernames or passwords :)


Track Driver

Rydepass is built using the Google Maps API, it comes with a mobile tracking mechanism that allows ryders to easily track their drivers in real-time.


RydePass Wallet

RydePass Wallet is a feature that allows ryders to load cash into their account. The deposited funds are then converted into Rydepass Dollars which can be used for in-app services like booking Rydes, transfering RydePass Dollars to other Ryders, and so much more..


RydePass Transfer

Ryders can transfer RydePass Dollars to other ryders. In this way, if a user can't afford a ryde, a friend or relative can transfer funds to that ryder's account to pay for their ryde.



With the Ryde-Split feature, multiple ryders can split the cost of a ryde. Say 4 ryders use the split feature, each of them will only pay 25% of the total ryde fare.


Rydepass Driver Features

Once a ryder sends a ryde request it will be sent to the nearest driver available and once the driver accepts the ryder's request the ryder will be able to track the driver in realtime. All Rydepass drivers are required to pass a criminal background check before being cleared to drive.