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Rydepass Advantages

  •   Comfort
  •   Reliability
  •   Affordability
  •   Instant & Convenient Booking
  •   SMS verification
  •   In-App Navigation
  •   Mobile Dispatching
  •   Alarm Button
  •   Advanced Profile Accounts
  •   Rydepass Money Transfer
  •   Real-Time Tracking

Rydepass Key Features


Track driver

Rydepass is built using Google Maps API and it comes with a mobile based app tracking mechanism. riders can easily track their drivers in real-time.


Track Transactions

Drivers can track and analyse all the transactions, credit history, payment information and booking history of their rydes from their driver app.


Track Ratings

Ryders and drivers can rate each other. In this way, ryders are better informed about their driver. Drivers can also rate ryders.


Driver Feedback

Apart from adding driver's and ryder's ratings, there is another option called Driver feedback, where a ryder can give his/her feedback as text which can be viewed by us.


Social Login

If you want to use the app you dont need to login by typing the username, password etc., you can sign in easily using your social media accounts


Book For Later

Any ryder can schedule his/her booking/ryde using the option "Ryde Later", This Option allows the booking to be automatically initiated at the scheduled time.


RydePass Wallet

RydePass Wallet is a feature that allows ryders to load cash into their RydePass wallet. This cash is then called RydePass money and it can be used for in-app services like Book Rydes, transfer RydePass Money to other Ryders, and so much more..


RydePass Transfer

Ryders can transfer RydePass money to other ryders. In this way, if a user can't afford a ryde, a friend or relative can transfer Rydepass money to that ryder to pay for his/her ryde.


Ryde Split

With the ryde split feature, multiple ryders can split the cost of a ryde. Say 4 riders use the split feature, these 4 ryders will all pay 25% each of the ryde fare.


Rydepass Driver Features

Once a ryder sends a ryde request it will be sent to the nearest driver available and once the driver accepts the ryder's request the ryder will be able to track the driver in realtime. All Rydepass drivers are required to pass a criminal background check before being cleared to drive.